Thor Is A Woman Now! Marvel Announces on 'The View' For Some Reason


Marvel made a groundbreaking move Tuesday, revealing that Thor, the God of Thunder, would be a woman for the first time ever.

The big announcement dropped on The View, where co-host Whoopi Goldberg... wait. This was announced on The View? Seriously?

Okay, so news about Marvel canon breaks on The View now. Cool.

Whoopi Goldberg made the announcement, saying, "For the first time in history, [Thor's] hammer is being held by a woman. That's right. Thor is a woman!”

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According to Goldberg, the new hammer-wielding hero modeled herself after the original Thor, because he saved her life which, okay... is a little "damsel-in-distress-y," but it's the thought that counts, right?

Point is -- gender equality is FAR from where it needs to be, but an iconic Marvel superhero is now a woman, and that's pretty awesome. We officially have a female Thor before we have had a female President. Think about that.

Other details surrounding Thor's future remain unclear -- is this change limited to the comics, or will this new Thor get a big screen debut. And, most importantly, what does Chris Hemsworth think about this? Check back for details.

Are you excited for the new, female Thor?

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