Watch a 'F**king Hammered' Charlie Sheen Meet Fans at Taco Bell


A video featuring what appears to be a drunk Charlie Sheen, 48, meeting two fans at a Taco Bell drive-through is quickly going viral.

Taken from inside of a car, a disheveled-looking Sheen meets a man named Jayden and a woman named Tamara -- who Jayden calls "a big fan" -- and apologizes to them straight away for his current state.

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"I'm sorry, I'm so f**king hammered," he says.

After asking the two if they're in a fight, he proceeds to show them his chest tattoo and his Cincinnati Reds tattoo on his forearm.

Though apparently inebriated, Charlie does appear amazingly nice to his fans, no?

In May, Sheen called out Rihanna for not taking the time to meet his fiancé Bret Rossi when the couple happened to be having dinner at the same restaurant, claiming that he "always" took out time to meet his fans.

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"You see THIS is the reason that I ALWAYS take the time. THIS is why I'm in this thing 31 awesome years,” he said in one of his signature twitter rants. “Good will and common courtesy, carefully established over time to exist radically in concert with a code of gratitude!"