Jaime King Posts 'Heroin Chic' Flashback Photo


Before she was on Hart of Dixie, Jaime King caused some controversy with one photo.

On Wednesday morning, the actress shared a pic of herself (that she later removed) that became one of the go-to images when referring to the "heroin chic" culture of the '90s. Admitting that the photo, which was taken by her then boyfriend Davide Sorrenti, raised some eyebrows, she captioned the Instagram pic: "Oh Davide, we got into so much trouble with this picture. At least we know the depth of what we were capturing. #lostart #thislifeisprecious."

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Davide died on February 4, 1997 due in part to his excessive heroin use. He was 20. Jaime, now 35, has admitted that she got involved in drugs at age 14 while modeling, and stopped sniffing heroin in 1997, when Davide died.

The black and white photo shows a super thin, 16-year-old Jaime on a couch surrounded by photos of dead musicians Kurt Cobain, Sid Vicious and Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead, all of who died of drug-related issues.

"When you lose someone like that, you can turn it into a tragedy and live with it for the rest of your life. I realized I was so fortunate just to have been able to have loved him for that short time," Jaime said of Davide's death.

Do you find Jamie's flashback photo controversial?