Couples News: Jennifer Aniston's Weekend Wedding?


Rumors are circulating that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux will get married this weekend in Cabo San Lucas. Here's what we know...

"Justin recently said that the couple had hot feet!" said Lachlan Cartwright, executive editor of "We are hearing that these reports are the most confirmed up until now," Lachlan added when asked about the wedding rumors.

The couple made a rare trip out together last night, posing at a party for Details editor-in-chief Dan Peres.

George Clooney and his future bride Amal Alamuddin were caught at a wedding ceremony in Florence, and Lachlan explained why we can't get enough of this power couple.

"Amal has brains and beauty," said Lachlan. "[George] was the ultimate Hollywood bachelor, and ahead of that wedding that we hear will be in Italy in September, everybody wants to hear every little piece of her background."

Watch the video to see what Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello have been up to lately.