Linda Perry's Childhood Pain


She's the singer-songwriter behind such songs as Christina Aguilera's 'Beautiful,' but Linda Perry has a very dark past.

Linda's mother, Marluce, allegedly abused her as a child. Linda even claims that she was once chained to a dog house naked.

"I don't care about her hitting me," said Linda. "I don't care about all the rest, but my mom tried to convince me I was on drugs. I'm like, 'Mom, I was like 5 years old! How can I be on drugs?' You know?"

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Linda's mom told her side of the story in VH1 Behind the Music: Linda Perry, airing tonight.

"I used to be very strict mother but I never beat them up," said Marluce. "I just look at them with my eyes like this and they know already I mean business."

Watch the video to find out how Linda moved past the pain.