The JFK Jr. Plane Crash: 15 Years Later


Today marks the 15th anniversary of John F. Kennedy Jr.'s tragic plane crash, and we dove into the ET vault to share the emotions of Hollywood stars after they learned of the news.

"We pray for the family and hope that they heal through this tragedy the way they healed through the others," said Samuel L. Jackson.

"I just think it's a profound tragedy, and something that I still don't quite believe is real," said Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The autopsy report stated that JFK Jr., his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren died immediately on impact with the water.

John's friend Matt Berman, creative director of George magazine, was one of the last people to speak to John. He described the gathering at John's apartment following the accident, saying, "When I walked in everyone was sitting around watching the TV you know in disbelief watching all the play-by-play."

A memorial service was held in New York City, which was attended by John's sister Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg along with Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Diane Sawyer, Mike Nichols and Muhammad Ali.

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