What Richard Pryor's Son Thinks About Nick Cannon Playing His Father


Nick Cannon could play Richard Pryor in a movie about the comedian's life, but Richard's son tells ET he won't be a part of it.

Richard Pryor Jr. initially raised an eyebrow when he learned that Nick Cannon was being considered to play his father, but eventually Nick won him over with his dedication to the role.

"He's doing the hair, the mustache, and he's smoking cigarettes," said Richard Jr. "The only thing I told him was don't use the crack pipe."

Richard Jr. says he didn't actually have a say in the first place. Richard Pryor's widow Jennifer Lee Pryor is co-producing the movie, and Richard Jr. claims that she is keeping him away from the film.

"My management and my lawyers are working on trying to get some dialogue going with my dad's wife so we can be a part of it," said Richard Jr.

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Jennifer told ET that she harbors no hard feelings against her stepson.

"I am producing the project with Harvey Weinstein and Bruce Cohen and look forward to a great movie with Lee Daniels at the helm," said Richard's widow Jennifer Lee Pryor. "I wish Richard Pryor Jr. well."

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