UPDATE: Casey Kasem's Body Landed in Montreal


Update: ET confirmed with Gaffney Funeral home in Washington that the funeral director in charge accompanied the body to the airport, and it was flown to Montreal. Casey's body left on a scheduled flight that landed on time in Montreal. Once the body landed in Montreal, Urgel Bourgie Funeral Homes took over.

A representative for Kerri Kasem has confirmed that Casey Kasem's body is no longer at the Washington state funeral home where it had been resting, and they do not know where Kasem's widow, Jean, or the body is.

Casey Kasem died over one month ago on June 15 at the age of 82 after battling Lewy body dementia. There was family drama over Kasem's remains.

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The Associated Press reported that a judge awarded his daughter Kerri Kasem a temporary restraining order preventing her dad's second wife, Jean Kasem, from cremating or removing the remains from the funeral home pending a decision about who could conduct a possible autopsy.

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According to Casey's death certificate, he left the funeral home in Washington on July 14 and was taken to a funeral home in Montreal, Canada.