9 Biggest Successes and Failures of Prince George's First Year of Reign

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Alright, George. We've got one year on the books. So far the baby king-to-be has coasted on his lineage, charm and undying cuteness, but he can’t get by on that forever (just kidding, he totally can). Either way, we’re identifying some wins and losses from your first year in the monarchy.

WIN: He's got his own coin.

The royal mint has created a limited edition silver coin in honor of the young prince. It kind of makes Lil' Wayne's "Young Money" crew look ridiculous by comparison.

FAIL: So-so in Sochi.

Alright, Great Britain's four medals at the Winter Olympics is nothing to shake a stick at, but still... it’s not the strongest showing in the wake of new royalty.

WIN: The LA Kings won the Stanley Cup

This is really good news for kings, and kings-to-be in general.

FAIL: This was the worst season of 'Downton Abbey.'

Even if it is set in the fictional early 20th century, this still happened on George’s watch.

WIN: English footballer Wayne Rooney kicked his first ever World Cup goal.

We'll give this one to England, because apparently soccer is a sport where scoring exactly once is a big deal. Although, it's a little bittersweet because...

FAIL: England didn't do so hot at the World Cup

Really, England? One draw, two losses is how you welcome in your new prince?!

WIN: His photo-ops have been on point.

Royalty or not, this is the face of a camera ready baby.

FAIL: Lindsay Lohan is moving to London.

A sad event for any country's record.

WIN: The monarchy has become caught the 'Game of Thrones' fever.

Aw, royals just like us! From Queen Elizabeth by the Iron Throne, to the Queen's Guard's amazing theme song performance, the Royal family appears to have Game of Thrones on the brain. If nothing else, Prince George may have loosened the family up, and given them a sense of humor about themselves.


Look, not that we have any experience, but it seems like being a future king must be hard, especially when you haven't mastered basic motor skills yet. Don't worry George, you're doing great!