Cops Called on Justin Bieber Six Times In Two Days


Is Justin Bieber turning out to be the neighbor from hell?

The Beverly Hills Police Department confirmed to ET that they responded to six different complaints to Bieber's condo over the weekend, including four times for loud party calls, and two times for complaints of people on the sidewalk outside of his residence (described as fans).

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Though it should be noted that Bieber fully cooperated with police, and that by the time they showed up, the music was turned down.

"We are asking him to be a respectful neighbor," Sergeant Max Subin of the BHPD said, adding that they are hopefully going to work with both his security and management teams. “We prefer Mr. Bieber be respectful of his neighbors and the community.”

Bieber was not cited over any of the incidents, but instead was given verbal warnings.

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The Baby singer, 20, is already currently on probation for egging his former neighbor's home in Calabasas, Calif..

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