How Comic-Con Went from Humble Beginnings to Big Business


YouTube star iJustine is taking us through the evolution of Comic-Con, now underway in San Diego.

iJustine has become a Comic-Con expert, having been coming to the popular event since 2009.

"It's just insane," she said. "It gets bigger and bigger every year."

What Comic-Con is today is a far cry from how it started four decades ago. In 1970, "it was a bunch of guys with comic books who were swapping them and trading stories," according to Entertainment Weekly's Matt Bean.

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Somewhere along the line Hollywood saw the potential for using the event for movie and TV promotion, which drew major attention to the convention.

"It's become a platform to test out films that they want to see how the audience might react to," Bean explained.

While most Comic-Con goers make the trek to have a good time, there is a seedy underbelly to the convention. Watch the video to learn about Comic-Con's dark side.