Bryan Singer Dismissed in Sex Abuse Lawsuit

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Director Bryan Singer has been dismissed from a teen sex abuse case brought against him and writer/producer Gary Goddard earlier this year.

"We are pleased the case was dismissed," Bryan's attorney Marty Singer told ET.

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The anonymous U.K. citizen that filed the suit alleged that at age 14 he was contacted by Goddard in 2003 via social media which led to "nude webcam sessions" when he was 15.

The suit went on to claim that at age 15, the plaintiff and Goddard "lay in bed naked together in a London hotel room," and when he was 16 (the age of consent in England), the two had sex.

Bryan was accused of sex abuse following a Superman after-party in a London hotel room when the plaintiff was 17. Bryan's lawyer, Marty Singer, called the allegations "totally untrue."