Aretha Franklin Does Not Take Disrespect at Restaurant

Getty Images

All Aretha Franklin is asking for is a little respect. According to the Associated Press, Franklin had some words for a server who told her that she could not eat her takeout inside of Johnny Rockets.

Franklin was at Johnny Rockets Restaurant by Niagra Falls when she ordered a hamburger after performing her show. She wanted to eat her to-go food inside of the restaurant, but the employee did not think this was right.

A spokesman for Franklin told the Associated Press that the server screamed at Franklin and told her she couldn't sit down to eat because it was takeout food.

Franklin said in her statement, the worker was "very rude, unprofessional and nasty."

Since this incident, the Associated Press reports that a spokeswoman for Johnny Rockets responded to Franklin's claim by saying that the franchise owner is apologetic and that the employee has not only been spoken to but has received clarification on the takeout policies.

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