Meet the Man Behind Dumb Starbucks


Nathan Fielder, creator and star of Nathan for You, made national news when he opened a Dumb Starbucks in Los Angeles for his Comedy Central show, and he spoke to ET's Rob Marciano about the experience before the episode airs.

On the comedic documentary show, Nathan helps real small businesses turn a profit by using unorthodox approaches to their business plans.

In this case, Nathan's original objective was to help a struggling coffee shop gain recognition. By putting "Dumb" in front of the Starbucks name, the coffee shop opened as a parody art project.

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"The first day we opened up there was hardly anyone in the store," said Nathan. "Something happened after 24 hours and people were Instagramming pictures of it all and sharing it with their friends, and then from there it just went completely crazy."

The craziness culminated in a press conference in front of nine different news stations and people waiting for up to four hours to get a coffee from the store.

Watch the video to find out what people thought of the coffee. Nathan For You's Dumb Starbucks episode airs tonight at 10:30/9:30C on Comedy Central.