Kate Middleton Jumps Over Cans in High Fashion

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Why is the Duchess of Cambridge jumping over cans in her navy blue and cork wedges?

Kate was playing the South African game of Three Tins during a visit to the Commonwealth Games Village on July 29 in Glasgow, Scotland.

So what exactly is Three Tins?
According to the BritishCouncil.org, you need two teams with a minimum of five people and a playing space of at least 8m x 4m.

Their description of the game is as follows, "Three tins are placed on top of each other. The first player has three attempts to knock the tins down. The player throws the ball from outside the marked playing area. If successful, the player runs out, re-builds the tins, draws a square around the tins and hops over the tins three times. If the player misses or is thrown too far, the players shout ‘Thayma’ until the ball is returned. If after three throws, the player has been unsuccessful, the first player from the opposing team becomes the thrower."

Since Kate appears to have landed after jumping, it sounds like she was having a successful game. And yet, whether her game was successful or not, you can be assured that the princess was winning in fashion.

The always put-together Kate paired her shoes and navy jacket over a cerulean Stella McCartney dress, but even more perfect than her outfit was her hair.

Even when she jumps over cans, her hair stays in place, blowing naturally as she lands from her jump.

Prince William and Prince Harry were also there to tackle the game.

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