Ireland Baldwin on Social Media: 'Instagram is Behind the Times'


Ireland Baldwin, daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, just got a new job modeling for Rampage, and it's causing her to rethink her social media usage.In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the model spoke about how her new job is affecting what she puts out there for all to see.

She says, "I'm starting to definitely think about what I post, especially in terms of my future, and work and everything. I used to be a bit more careless, but now I definitely sit there and really think about whether this is a good idea or not."

Although she's back on Instagram, Ireleand does support the "Free the Nipple" campaign.  "Free the Nipple" is a grassroots campaign that works to change inequality through film and social media and empower women to stand against oppression and censorship.

As she tells Cosmopolitan, "Just walk around and there are boobs all over life, and in great artwork, in classic paintings, and in sculptures; it's everywhere. Instagram is just behind the times."

Instagram has deleted Ireland's photos before, and she doesn't think their policy is far because guys can post shirtless pictures.

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Ireland also thinks it's unfair that people see her as having a "silver spoon heritage". She makes it clear that being born into a famous family doesn't mean you don't work for what you have.

Including Kendall Jenner in the same category as her she says, "We work hard to get to where we are. And some people get jobs and things in different ways, but ultimately, it comes down to if you have it or not."