Clipper's Player DeAndre Jordan On Moving Past the Donald Sterling Fiasco


After many long, hard months of media attention and controversy, Donald Sterling's legal battle to maintain ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers came to an end when a California judge ruled that Sterling's estranged wife Shelly Sterling had the right to sell the team.

The ordeal has been incredibly trying and distracting for the basketball club and all the players on the team. With the new season starting in October, it seems like the Clippers finally have a chance to move on from this fiasco.

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Clipper player DeAndre Jordan, who was attending the premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Sunday, stopped to talk to ET about how it feels to put the Donald Sterling media firestorm behind him.

"It feels good, it feels good. Now that that's over we can kind of focus on playing basketball and what our real goals are," Jordan said. "But I feel like it's a big weight off of everybody's shoulders. Now we can just focus on the right thing."

For Jordan, the right thing is winning games and trying as hard as they can to dominate during the new season.

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However, the impending sale of the Clippers to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer means changes could be coming to the team, and change can always be a stressful thing.

"You know, change is going to be different but you know change is also good in some circumstances," Jordan told ET. "So we're going to take it a day at a time and I look forward to the season."

Check out the video for more from the NBA pro.

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