Taye Diggs Pole Dancing Is a Must-See!


Is this a 'Magic Mike' audition tape?

Is this a Magic Mike audition tape?

Best Man Holiday
star Taye Diggs had a great weekend. The 38-year-old actor posted not one, not two but three Vine videos of himself pole dancing-- and the footage is every bit as good as we hoped.

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Donning a fitted striped tank-top and a black fedora, the former Rent star really goes to town on this pole.

There's been no talk of him joining the Magic Mike sequel, but after seeing his moves, he has our casting vote! The Private Practice star did, however, tell Conan O'Brien in July how much he loved the first male stripper film, "I saw the first movie and I loved it, I'm a huge fan of Channing Tatum's, but I was thinking and telling other people, how can you have a movie about male strippers and you ain't got no black people in it! I started telling people that and the next thing you know, now we're in talks."

What do you think Diggs' stripper name would be?