Jonah Hill Sports Fuller Figure in Los Angeles

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Jonah Hill appears heavier in L.A.

Jonah Hill has dramatically lost weight in the past -- most notably for 2011's Moneyball -- but it looks like keeping it off has been a struggle.

Hill, 30, was snapped walking his dog in Los Angeles Sunday, where he appeared noticeably heavier.

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Clad in a black t-shirt and jeans, the 22 Jump Street star also sported some colorful Nike's.

Hill has talked about his weight loss in the past, equating losing weight with being a sign of maturity.

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" ... For me, who I was then is a lot different than who I am now. So being healthier came along with maturity. And it’s hard, because a lot of times people want you to be the guy you were when they met you," he told Vulture in 2011 about his dramatic weight loss. "And I love doing funny movies, but I want to mature, literally, in how I treat myself. I’m not living in a frat house with a bong plastered to the table. ... But all this stuff [points to his body] is just part of maturing in body and in mind. I just want to be a good man and to make my family proud. And, you know, I want to live a long time."