Jeff Goldblum Chased By Dinosaur In 'Jurassic Park' Themed Wedding Photo!

There's a reason this wedding photo with Jeff Goldblum is trending. It's awesome.

Looks like Jeff Goldblum's friends had an unwanted wedding guest show up from the actor's Jurassic Park past.

The photo, taken by photographer Adam Biesenthal, shows a T. Rex chasing the wedding party of Pamela and Jesse Sargent, the Huffington Post reports, and the 61-year-old is included in the shot along with his 31-year-old fiancee Emilie Livingston.

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Goldblum is currently planning his own wedding, but it's yet to be confirmed if any dinosaurs have made the guest list.

"Jul 8 he proposed @ our fave #okstore," Livingston tweeted. "I was taken over by tears of joy n ecstasy! We picked the ring 2gether #inlove."