Even Kim Kardashian's Passport Photo Shows Off Her Cleavage


Kim Kardashian seems to really love showing some skin, even when it comes to official government documentation!

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posted what looked like another in a very long line of chest-displaying selfies on her Instagram on Tuesday, but the photo was captioned: "New passport pic #Mrs.West #NameChange."

Apparently, the 33-year-old reality star is making it official all across the board. Kim had already changed her name on her social media accounts to Kim Kardashian West, and has been very open to wanting to change her name since she first said "yes" to Kanye West's marriage proposal back in October.

The couple got married on June 15, so why is Kim just getting around to changing her documentation? Well, the couple just passed the 72-day mark – the length of her second notoriously short marriage to basketball star Kris Humphries – on Monday. Maybe she was just waiting to make sure this one was going to stick?

Either way, you have got to hand it to Kim. Other than some head-room issues, it's a solid, sexy passport photo.

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