Zoe Saldana Reveals Her Secret to a Good Sex Life


Zoe Saldana is going to teach you how to be better in bed.

The pregnant Guardians of the Galaxy star, who recently wed artist Marco Perego, gave some tips to Cosmo for Latinas magazine on how to have and keep a good sex life.

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"To be uninhibited," the 36-year-old actress said of sex. "I'm not talking about bringing in a third person or watching porn all night: That's what leads people to believe they are amazing in bed when they're the worst ever. Pornography is not sex education -- it's the opposite! Don’t allow insecurities to close you off. Be creative."

As for what she finds sexy in the opposite sex, Saldana confessed, "A man who has a natural respect for women -- I don't want a man who worships me: Stay away from those. Worshipping doesn't count as really seeing me. I like men who work with women, are challenged by women, learn from women.

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She added, "At 35 (she's 36 now), you make better choices in men or partners, divorce people and situations that are not right for you, and learn to say 'no' with a smile."

For more with Saldana, Cosmopolitan for Latinas hits newsstands Aug. 12.