Why Katherine Heigl Really Left 'Grey's Anatomy'

Good Housekeeping

Katherine Heigl is talking priorities.

Actress Katherine Heigl will be making a comeback on television, but her return is not complete without an explanation as to why she left in the first place.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping, the former Grey's Anatomy star is saying she left the show in 2010 to pursue her family dreams with her singer husband Josh Kelley.

"We had big dreams of expanding our family, moving to the mountains and having a quieter life. Utah is spectacularly beautiful, the people are wonderful and kind, it's an easy commute from L.A. — and there's no traffic!"

Katherine left Grey's in 2010, but she continued to star in movies.

In the same year, after three months of long workdays on a movie shoot in Atlanta for Life As We Know It, she told Good Housekeeping, "I would come home angry and frustrated that I'd missed everything with my kid that day. I didn't get to wake her up from her nap, or do bath time or bedtime. I'd have to sneak into her room and kiss her when she was sleeping, hoping not to wake her."

Feeling her "priorities were messed up", she took the time to focus on her family and raise two girls with Josh in Utah. She adopted Naleigh from South Korea in 2009 and Adalaide in 2012 from Louisiana.

In an interview with ET last month at the Television Critics Association press tour, Katherine told us she's a really involved mom. She said about her time away, "It was good and renewing to take a couple of years off. It’s not just about making a living. It's not just a job and it started to kind of feel that way."

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At the same TCAs she told reporters when asked if she was difficult to work with, "I would never intend to be difficult...If I've ever disappointed somebody, it was never intentional."

Katherine will return to television this fall as Charlie Tucker, a CIA officer in State of Affairs on NBC.