The YouTube Stars Who Are Changing the Rules in Hollywood


ET shows you who's ruling the internet.

According to a new survey in Variety, stars like Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence, and Seth Rogan just can't compete when it comes to the fame of YouTube stars. ET shows you who's ruling the internet.

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Jenna Marbles, 27, and Shane Dawson, 26, adorn the latest cover of Variety, out now, as two of the biggest personalities leading this new wave of stars, who are changing the rules on how to become rich and famous in Hollywood.

Jenna attracts 27 million people a month to her funny videos, which include celebrity impressions, while Shane pulls in 41 million views per month for his confessionals. Both rake in six-figure paychecks with Jenna earning $306,147 and Shane reeling in $474,396.

"These self-made stars are learning to build tens of millions in loyal fans and in the process they're challenging some of the biggest names in Hollywood," said Variety's Editor-in-chief Andrew Wallenstein.

YouTube stars are generally thought to be more approachable and authentic, which could add to their popularity.

Watch the video to find out who is getting the biggest slice of the YouTube pie!