Kim Kardashian Shares Her Yeezus Picture at Outside Lands

Getty Images

It's one of the very first photos of Kanye West at Outside Lands, and who better to share it than his wife, Kim Kardashian?

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Kim Kardashian went on Instagram last night to show that she was supporting her husband at his performance.

Captioned "Yeezus, #OutsideLands", the reality star showed a large screen view of her husband.

In videos from fans on YouTube, Kanye can be seen telling the audience at his performance last night, "This ain’t no radio s*it. This ain’t no concierge, maitre d' music, trying to sound as smooth as possible."

This the seventh annual year of Outside Lands. Outside Lands is a three day music and arts festival in San Francisco featuring more than 80 acts at the Golden Gate Park.

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