Frankie Grande Reveals His Identity on 'Big Brother'


Ariana Grande is proud of her big brother on Big Brother!

Frankie Grande is on Big Brother 16, and finally revealed that he is the singer's older brother. He said he was mostly playing for charity to build homes in Africa. America knew his secret, but his housemates did not.

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The 31-year-old is a YouTube personality and has kept his sister a secret until now. "So, I've been lying to all of you the entire game. I'm not who I said I was," he said in the living room. "My sister is Ariana Grande."

Once he confessed that he had been lying the whole game, the girls were excited he was famous and that he had met Justin Bieber.

The Problem singer was watching the big reveal and tweeted about her big bro. 

Will Ariana surprise the house with an appearance?