Kim Kardashian Will Release a Giant Book of Her Selfies

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If you can't get enough of Kim Kardashian, you're about to see some more of her photography skills. 

Kim is releasing a 352-page book of selfies in a book titled ‘Selfish’. Rizzoli Universe Publishing writes that you will see never before seen personal images from the celebrity who is "widely regarded as a trailblazer of the 'selfie movement'- a modern-day self-portrait of the digital age-Kim has mastered the art of taking flattering and highly personal photos of oneself."

During her family's recent trip to Thailand, Kim admitted she took 1200 selfies.

In these 352 pages, Kim's pictures of herself will range from throwback ones to current shots.

The hardcover book will retail for $19.99 and is expected to hit shelves on April 7, 2015.

Do you think Kim takes too many selfies? To see some of her best, click on our photo gallery here.

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