Beyonce's Pantless Pic May Answer All Our Divorce Questions


Is Beyonce sending marital messages with her clothes?

Is Beyonce sending marital messages with her clothes?

On Saturday, the Queen B posted a pantsless Instagram pic of herself that may hold all the answers to our questions about her and Jay Z's marriage.

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Rumors of Bey and Jay's impending split have been running rampant all summer, and the two have both dampened and fueled the fire throughout their On the Run tour with various statements, songs and other cryptic messages.

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Now, the 32-year-old diva is speaking out without saying a single word.

Donning only in a jersey with the number four and the name "Carter" on the back, Beyonce may just be squashing any rumblings of a divorce-- at least for now.

In addition to shutting down any ideas we might have about a Jay/Bey split, the jersey certainly seems to shut down rapper Liv's recent dig in his song "Sorry Mrs. Carter."

Despite the rumors running abound, the power couple has been selling out concerts in the United States while on tour. They recently surpassed $100 million in sales, and will be performing in Paris together come September.

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Do you think this couple is on the outs?