NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart Not Racing After Killing Kevin Ward Jr. on the Track

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NASCAR used Twitter to show Tony Stewart's statement on why he decided not to participate in today's race.

NASCAR Racer Tony Stewart will not be racing today according to USA Today.

Stewart killed driver Kevin Ward Jr., 20, yesterday after an on-track incident at Motorsports Park in Central Square, New York. Ward was standing outside his racecar on the track when he was hit by Stewart.

Stewart and Ward had bumped their cars in an earlier lap. In a video that can be seen on YouTube, Stewart's car comes racing as Ward points to him. It is then that Stewart's right tire hits Ward.

Ward was declared dead at F. F. Thompson Hospital.

Vice President of competition for Stewart-Hass Racing told USA Today that Regan Smith would be replacing Stewart today and that he met with Stewart.

Zipadelli said, "He  feels strongly this is the right thing to do. We at SHR support it and agree with it. It's a difficult time for both parties. This is what we feel is right and we're supporting Tony in it."

NASCAR also sent out the following message this morning regarding the incident.