Did Beyonce Photoshop Her Thigh Again?


Even Beyonce feels like she needs a little digital help when it comes to photos.

Just a few months ago, she was accused of Photoshopping her thigh gap.

Now, it looks like Beyonce may be using the digital altering service again. In her latest casual relaxing snap, there are comments like "Even B photoshops" and "That whole area right there is kinda dark." Let's investigate the evidence.:

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The area in question is her thigh, which could be totally normal. But then there is the curved iPhone, which means something strange must be going on…

As if this was not enough to look at, we can also spot Jay-Z in the background mirror, meaning the duo are still together after their On The Run Tour ended in San Francisco on August 6. Beyonce has used Instagram as a way to make statements on her marriage throughout the tour.

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A source told E! News that Jay-Z is trying to save their marriage. "He wants everything to work out and is trying to convince Beyonce how much he does not want a divorce. It's flowers, constant texts and telling her he loves her. He is pulling out all the stops."

The duo will perform two more shows in Paris in September, and it looks like they're enjoying themselves for now.

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