7 Adorable Things Neil Patrick Harris Said About Parenting

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Neil Patrick Harris is giving us some serious feel-goods today.

Neil Patrick Harris has a happy marriage, an adorable family, and an amazing, Tony and Emmy award winning career. He's winning life today, tomorrow, and forever. Here are the most absolutely amazing and adorable things NPH said in his recent Glamour interview.

"Today, it's cool to see a happy lesbian couple who are high school juniors. Better that than have those two girls marry people they're not attracted to, have three kids, and then come out when they're 50."

So true.

"Watching David become another level of person (as a parent), mastering this other domain, made me look at him with a whole other set of appreciative eyes. That sort of made me re-fall in love with him."

Just adorbs.

"I went through puberty much later than my classmates…"

Aww… Doogie!

"When Harper was one or two years old and barely talking, she would put on Disney princess outfits (which she still does, by the way). Everyone would coo and take pictures. Gideon felt left out, so he put on a dress too. We all cooed and aww-ed and there was no weirdness."

Gaw! Melting.

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"Lately he (Gideon)’s been wearing construction vests and hard hats, and he asks construction people if he can work with them."

You go, Gideon!

"Initially, walking around in heels is a very challenging thing for a guy to do. But once you've done it six or seven times, it's weirdly empowering."

Own it, NPH!

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"So why don't you try a hip-hop class to see how that feels?"

Just signed up. Good call.

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