Robin Williams First ET Interview in 1982


As we mourn the death of Hollywood legend Robin Williams, we are looking back at our very first sit-down interview with beloved comic after performing at 'Catch a Rising Star Comedy Club' in 1982.

"It's like a combination comedy club and sauna tonight, but it's nice to lose weight and perform at the same time," Robin joked after his performance at the famed New York venue.

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In 1982, Williams had just made his dramatic debut in the movie The World According to Garp and gained some insight on the experience telling us, "I learned that I want to have a family of my own. It's something I really strongly desire."

His popular sitcom Mork and Mindy had recently come to an end, but instead of looking back, Robin looked up telling us, "I feel wonderful, and I feel real happy with my life and the people I'm surrounded with and brother [Christopher] Reeves and friends."

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Robin Williams will always be remembered for his candid personality and ability to make everyone laugh. Check out the video to see ET's very first sit-down interview with the comedy legend in 1982.