'Mork & Mindy': The Show That Made Robin Williams a Star


ET is looking back at Mork & Mindy -- the show that made Robin Williams a star.

PICS: Remembering Robin Williams

In 1978 the world was introduced to the alien character Mork, which stole the show when it debuted on Happy Days. The character became so popular that it warranted its own spinoff which premiered later that same year. The series went four seasons before it was canceled in 1982.

The impact that Mork had on television viewers had a lasting effect that continued to resonate throughout Williams' career.

"You know, it's weird," Williams told us. "Even after I won an Academy Award, it was a week later there were still people going, 'Mork!'" Robin told us.

NEWS: The Latest on Robin Williams' Death

Williams' Mork & Mindy co-star Pam Dawber gave ET a statement following the comedian's tragic passing.

"I am completely and totally devastated," said Dawber, whom Williams once called his dream co-star. "What more can be said?"

We caught up with the two actors on the set of The Crazy Ones where they reunited for the CBS series.

"There's a certain something that we have," Dawber said. "Robin was just like one of these magical people that just was so much fun."