Robin Williams' Final Days


We have behind the scenes footage of Robin Williams working on one of his final roles before his tragic death.

PICS: Robin Williams Through the Years

The Oscar winner was in the studio doing voice-over for the indie film Absolutely Anything. The recording session came just weeks before Williams entered rehab. In the movie, Robin voiced the character of a dog.

"It was a magical experience working with Robin," said screenwriter Gavin Scott. "He bounced into the studio and he was like, 'Yes, let's do this!'"

In Tuesday's press conference, authorities revealed that Williams' wife Susan spent the night in a different bedroom, which raised the question of whether they usually slept in separate rooms.

NEWS: Latest on the Death of Robin Williams

As Susan didn't see Robin before she left in the morning, Dr. Phil McGraw told us that the family should be wary of blaming themselves.

"What I hope they don't do is play the 'What if?' game," said Dr. Phil. "Let me tell you something if someone really wants to take their own life they can get it done."

Williams died at his Marin County home on Monday due to asphyxia caused by the late actor hanging himself with a belt.

According to Williams' rep, the actor had been battling "severe depression as of late."