Hollywood Still Reeling From Loss of Robin Williams


In the four days since Robin Williams' passing on Monday, Hollywood is still reeling from the news of the beloved actor/comedian's death.

ET's Brooke Anderson was on the red carpet at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's annual Grants Banquet on Thursday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and the stars were eager to recall their memories of Williams and their reactions to the tragic news.

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"He was such a wonderful entertainer," said X-Men star James Marsden. The appeared with Williams in Lee Daniels' The Butler but due to the large ensemble nature of the film, he never had the opportunity to meet him.

"He was a guy who spread so much joy," Marsden continued. "It's upsetting to know he was in such a dark place… but there will never be another [Robin Williams]. He was one-of-a-kind."

22 Jump Street
star Channing Tatum also shared his thoughts on the late Oscar winner. "I grew up watching his movies, and he gave the world so much light. It's just tragic."

NEWS: Zelda Posts Emotional Message For Her Father Robin Williams

In the wake of Williams' passing, his daughter Zelda Williams, 25, publically announced that she would no longer be using social media after being the victim of some cyber bullying. Twitter has since vowed to change its rules to cut down on such harassment.

Nick Jonas, who is no stranger to the world of social media and occasional cyber harassment, weighed in on Zelda's experience and Twitter's vow to try and put an end to that behavior.

NEWS: Robin Williams' Daughter Zelda Quits Social Media After Cyber Bullying

"I think that's amazing," Jonas told ET. "It's sad that it takes an event like this happening for them to open their eyes to that… I think the sensitivity level should be raised, and I'm happy to see them taking steps towards that."

Check out the video as more stars share memories of the late Robin Williams and the legacy he left behind.

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