Robert Pattinson Calls Himself a 'Bullsh** Artist'

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Here's yet another self-deprecating, yet endearing, quote from the adorable Robert Pattinson.

When speaking to British publication The Guardian, The Rover star touched on his disposition when trying to land a movie role. This, of course, led to him nervously calling himself names and recalling times in his wildly successful movie career when it all went wrong.

"I'm quite good at doing meetings. If I'm just meeting someone about a job I'm like a dog, especially if my agent's said to me: 'A lot of people want this job.' Then I'm like: 'Oh yeah? Then I will do anything to get it!'" Pattinson admitted.

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He goes onto add that his acting skills transcend into his real life. "I just become a bulls**t artist! That's when I start acting," he said of these Hollywood meetings. "I'm really much better at doing it when the cameras aren't rolling."

But don't be too impressed with Pattinson just yet, because he also confessed that he's bad at auditions. "I just can't… I literally can't do it. It's just me looking uncomfortable, trying to put on an American accent… or sitting in the corner, making myself throw up and punching myself in the face."

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Though he's touched on this before, the 28-year-old insisted that his character Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga films was "probably the hardest part I've done." He explained, "Because to do it for five movies, it's really hard to think of stuff that's maybe not boring. Especially if you don't die. Because what's the drama? You're not scared of anything! And that's the whole essence of drama: life and death."

What's Pattinson's next step? He might be hitting the stage. "I don't think I could do something on Broadway," he said. "But I'd quite like to do something kind of shocking."

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