'The Talk' Host Aisha Tyler On Mental Illness In The Comedy Community


Ever since Robin Williams took his own life on Monday, August 11, the issue of suicide and depression has been on the forefront of public consciousness, and has many in the entertainment industry talking about the issue of mental health and the mission to raise awareness.

At the Creative Arts Emmys on Saturday, The Talk co-host Aisha Tyler, who also voices the character Lana Kane on the hit animated series Archer, stopped to talk to ET's Brooke Anderson about Robin Williams and the challenge many comedians, and people in general, face when dealing with a mental illness.

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"I think it's hard for all comedians, because we tend to be complex and tortured souls, and he obviously was one," Tyler, who is also a stand-up comic herself, told ET. "And for some who, a lot of us thought, was at the top of his game, it's especially hard. But people are a mystery."

Aside from stand-up comedy and her work on television, Tyler also hosts a podcast called Girl on Guy, where's she's explored the issue of depression in the world of comedy on various occasions.

"I've actually done several episodes on mental illness with comedians," Tyler, 43, said. "Rob Delaney, who has spoken very frankly about his own battle with depression and suicidal thoughts, and also Maria Bamford, who has spoken very frankly on my show about that. I think it's something artists deal with, but I think it's something everybody deals with."

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"The more artists can speak out about it, about their own struggles, and let people know that they're not alone, I think it's better for everybody," Tyler added. "We need to de-stigmatize mental illness."

Check out the video for more from Tyler on the impact Williams had on her own life and career.

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