'19 Kids and Counting' Jessa Duggar Is Already a Seewald, Shares Engagement Pics!


Wait a minute, who is Jessa Seewald?

Jessa Duggar of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting is now considering herself a Seewald. It was only four days ago that Jessa Duggar, 21, got engaged to Ben Seewald, 19, and she just can't contain her excitement!

NEWS: '19 Kids and Counting Star' Jessa Duggar is Engaged

Anticipating her upcoming nuptials, she prematurely changed her name on Instagram and posted this pic of the ring yesterday.

She captioned, "Ya'll! I still can't believe it! I'M ENGAGED TO THE MOST AMAZING GUY ON EARTH!” Every time I look down at the ring on my finger…it takes my breath away! I love you, @ben_seewald."

Followers weren't satisfied with this image leaving comments like "You're still a Duggar until you're married" and "Show us the other side of the ring."

After the ring Jessa shared a loving moment between them saying, "Time for some engagement photos!"

The couple has been vocal about the fact that they courted not dated. They waited until their engagement to hold hands, and they will wait until their wedding day to have their first kiss.

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19 Kids and Counting will start a new season on September 2.

Jessa's mom, Michelle Duggar, talks adoption in this look at the show below.