Ariana Grande Calls Frankie 'So Shady' on 'Big Brother'

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Ain't nothing wrong with being a little shady for reality TV.

Ariana Grande opens up about her real-life big brother's Big Brother experience, telling Entertainment Tonight's Rocsi Diaz that she is in full support of Frankie's decision to reveal his family connection on the show.

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"In the beginning, his game was so shady!" she said. "That's why when he came clean about his personality and who he actually is, I was fully behind it. I was in full support." But for the haters who say that Frankie is using his sister to gain an edge in the competition -- and to avoid eviction -- Ariana begs to differ.

"The first thing he told them was actually that he was a YouTube personality and that he was a social media personality, which he is. And then he also mentioned that his sister is me, and that’s fine because that’s the truth," she told Diaz. "I don’t think he used it in a way that was offensive to me or my family. I think he came clean and told the truth about who he is and saved his game. I think that’s great."

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Ariana thinks that Frankie is less "distracted" now that his truth is out in the open.

"I feel like it was putting him in a weird place mentally and in a weird space, and sort of messed up his game a little bit in the beginning," she speculated. "I think he's doing OK now."

Ariana may not be able to talk to her brother while he's in the heat of competition, but she's still keeping tabs on him.

"The live feed is on 24/7 at my house!" she confessed. "Every computer screen, every TV has the live feed on. I’m like 'Where is he? What is he doing right now?'" 

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