ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Roundup: Rob Pattinson, Anna Wintour & More

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is still going strong and, as of today, has raised $31.5 million in donations! And there's no stopping it with even more celebrities participating today! So sit back and enjoy a sopping wet Robert Pattinson, a shirtless David Beckham, a very proper Anna Wintour and more!

The Twilight star couldn't find a bucket on such short notice so he gets ice thrown on him and then has a hose of water spray him, which basically turns this into the best wet T-shirt contest ever.

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Anna Wintour got her famous bob wet in the challenge with her family.

Kristie Alley captioned her Facebook post, "Ice Ice Baby" and did it for her friend Jemma who suffers from ALS.

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David Beckham managed to make the ice look hot.

Adam Sandler said it was not a problem.

Chris Colfer did not forget about the drought.

Jessica Biel made it a family affair.

Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible 5 Director Chris McQuarrie took more than one for the team.

From one former president to another, George W. Bush was challenged by several Americans and challenged Bill Clinton.

We gotta hand it to all the Ice Bucket Challengers, raising awareness by dumping buckets of ice water over their heads, they are helping the cause.

And our very own Nancy O'Dell and ET team got iced. Watch it here.