The Spider-Woman Cover That Looks Like A Nicki Minaj Parody Became One


It's a web-sling and a miss for Marvel.

It's a web-sling and a miss for Marvel.

Marvel is debuting a new comic book starring Spider-Woman, and while that is exciting and amazing (girl power!), a special cover for Spider-Woman #1 seems to be less about reintroducing the classic character named Jessica Drew, and more about putting her... assets on display.

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The special cover was drawn by Milo Manara, who is known for more provocative illustrations (Warning: some NSFW images), and if you think that Spider-Woman is depicted more like an extra in Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' video than a crimefighter, you aren't alone. Nicki Minaj herself actually posted this shot to her Instagram.

Yep. It's the photoshopped mashup we should've seen coming, and it doesn't even seem like it was all that hard to accomplish.

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By comparison, here is the regular Spider-Woman cover by Greg Land.

Oh also, Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" video is kind of breaking the Internet right now. You've probably already seen the whole bootylicious production, but did you catch all the homages to Sir Mix-A-Lot's original "Baby Got Back" video? Watch below.