Celebs with Really Hot Brothers


Did you know Sin City's Jessica Alba has a cute brother? So does Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and Katy Perry, and we caught up with their hot siblings.

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"To me she's just my sister, someone I used to fight with all the time," said Jessica Alba's brother Joshua, who's an actor as well.

Joshua appeared in Jessica's old series Dark Angel as well as Alpha Dog.

We found out that music runs through Katy Perry's family when we caught her little brother Dave Hudson belting out a pretty food version of the hit song "Sweater Weather."

Taylor Swift makes a point of showing off her brother on Instagram, taking him along to award shows and other Hollywood events, as does Emma Watson with brother Alex.

We first spotted them together on the Harry Potter red carpet in 2001 and again 10 years later.

"He's a good date," Emma told us.

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