What Is Sofia Vergara Doing in This Pic?


'Modern Family' star Sofia Vergara is a mysterious woman.

Sofia Vergara left people guessing with her latest Instagram post.

She stirred up interest over what she's having done to her body in this shot she posted yesterday.

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Guesses in the comments ranged from lipo, to cellulite treatment, and even a colonoscopy.

Making light of the situation, she points out the laughing Marilyn Monroe in the room.

Her caption says, "What's so funny Marilyn?" and that it's just a massage from Legacy. She tags Dermatologist to the stars Dr. Harold Lancer, who says he specializes in red-carpet worthy skin.

Dr. Lancer re-posted Sofia's pic on his own Instagram saying, "So much beauty one room could hardly contain it!"

Sofia must be getting a head-start on getting glamorous for the 2014 Emmys this Monday. We'll have to wait to see if her beau Joe Manganiello walks the red carpet with her, although the duo has been spotted together making the pre-party rounds over the weekend.

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Watch how Sofia and Joe's romance started below.