Top Celebrity Scandals of the Summer


From Orlando Bloom's tiff with Justin Bieber, to Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's marital issues, ET has a look at the celebrity scandals that have rocked our world this summer.

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After Justin Bieber reportedly flirted with Orlando Bloom's estranged wife Miranda Kerr at a 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show, Bloom threw a punch at the pop star in Spain last month.

We have more on Nick and Mariah today, as Nick is reported to have been the one who decided they should live separately. Sources told ET that Nick is concerned about Mariah's mental health and wants to create a safe haven away from home for their twins.

The Bachelorette got especially spicy this summer when runner-up Nick outed Andi for not picking him despite having sex with him.

"Honestly, I don't think of it as shaming me on national television," Andi told us after the incident. "I'm a woman and I can do what I want these days and if someone wants to air dirty laundry, then it's shame on them."

Then there's Sherri Shepherd's legal battles with her exes Lamar Sally and Jeffrey Tarpley.

"I don't know which husband is jumping on me for what," said Sherri. "I got served at the Essence Music Festival. I had to go on stage and the processer served me on stage, so I had a summons and complaint in one hand and my jokes in the other hand. But you know what? You just got to smile through it all."

Sherri has been fighting her first husband Jeffrey for custody over their nine-year-old son, while simultaneously battling ex Lamar for custody of their unborn child to be born via surrogate.

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