Macaulay Culkin Turns 34! What Has He Been Up To?


Happy Birthday Macaulay Culkin! Can you believe he turned 34-years-old today?

ET sat down with the 9-year-old child star just after the release of his first major hit, Uncle Buck. Macaulay's career was already taking off, but he was having fun just like any other kid.

"I just like being stupid. I'll be bad sometimes like all other kids."

He was already a star, but his major career shift was just one year away when Macaulay took on the role of Kevin McAllister in Home Alone – You may have heard of it.

So the real question is, what is he doing now? He hasn't acted in quite a few years but don't worry, he's definitely working. If you can believe it -- he contributes vocals, drums, and kazoo to "The Pizza Underground," a parody band dedicated to pizza-themed music. Yep. it's a real thing.

So let's all grab a pizza to say happy birthday to one of the greatest child stars of all time!

Check out the video above to see our first interview with Macaulay…and some savory pizza-themed tunes.

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