'Cops' Crew Member Killed by Friendly Fire While Filming

Spike TV

Bryce Dion, a crew member on the documentary crime show Cops was shot and killed while filming an armed robbery at a Wendy's in Omaha, Nebraska on Tuesday night.

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Bryce Dion, 38, was reportedly struck by friendly fire from local police. According to Yahoo!, more that 30 shots were fired.

Deputy Chief David Backer of the Omaha Police Department confirmed in a statement that the incident occurred at a Wendy's at approximately 9:20 CT.

Baker went on to say that the armed suspect walked into the fast food restaurant and demanded cash from one of the employees. Police entered the restaurant with crew members following behind.

During a press conference, authorities confirmed that all crew members were wearing bullet proof vests, but Dion, who was operating sound equipment, was struck in the left arm area where there is a gap in the armor.

Dion had been with the show for seven years and was just promoted to sound supervisor this year.

The incident also reportedly left the suspect deceased. However, no officers were injured in the incident. Police have determined that the gun the suspect was using was an airsoft pistol that fires plastic pellet bullets.

Reportedly no officers were injured in the incident.

Cops is now in its 27th season. The show, now airing on Spike TV, was broadcasted on Fox for 25 years before moving to the cable network.

Langley Productions, which produces the show, released the following statement to Deadline this morning: "We are deeply saddened and shocked by this tragedy and our main concern is helping his family in any way we can. Bryce Dion was a long term member of the Cops team and a very talented and dedicated person. We mourn his passing. An investigation is ongoing and we are cooperating with local authorities."