A Winning Couple! Aaron Paul's Wife Reacts to Emmy Speech, Talks 'Kind Campaign'


Aaron Paul's wife Lauren talks to ET about the Kind Campaign and the bullies and suicide attempt that prompted her to start it.

Aaron Paul's had one of the most memorable speeches at the Emmys on Sunday when he thanked his wife Lauren Parsekian Paul, plugged her Kind Campaign and ended up crashing her website. Lauren talked to ET about the non-profit and the bullying that prompted her to start it.

When asked by ET's Nancy O'Dell if Lauren knew Aaron was going to recognize the Kind Campaign in his acceptance speech she explained, "He didn't have anything planned and as you can see it was just really from the heart. The only thing he had told me before he got up there, if he won, is that he wanted to say each nominee by first and last name which again, is just so sweet, just how he thinks about everybody else. We were so surprised...It was such a cool amazing thing to have a platform like that and to get our name out there as millions of people are watching."

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While discussing their website crashing as a result of Aaron's speech, Molly stated, "I think after he said 'Kind Campaign' everyone listened and they went to the website to see what it was all about. It crashed within seconds. We don't even know how many people hit it before it crashed...I think it was down until about 6 a.m."

According to their website, the Kind Campaign seeks to help educate about the negative and lasting effects of female-against-female "crime."

Lauren and co-founder Molly Thompson met in college and started the non-profit in 2009, after swapping stories of how they both suffered at the hands of bullies when they were younger.

"It was name calling, rumors, throwing things at me at lunch, stealing things out my lockers, having their brothers threaten me before school to make me feel unsafe in the hallways," said Lauren. "I'm glad that I got through it."

Molly told us that since starting the Kind Campaign, they've already started to see changes.

"It fuels us," said Molly.

In 2013, Aaron hosted a special screening of the Breaking Bad series finale which raised over a million dollars for the Kind Campaign.

LeAnn Rimes can attest that bullying is a big problem in schools, as she revealed her own experience with bullies in the video below.