Melissa Rivers: A Daughter's Courage


ET has an in-depth and really sweet look at the mother-daughter bond between Joan and Melissa Rivers.

VIDEO: Melissa Rivers Only Sees One Outcome for Joan

We first sat down with the Joan and Melissa in 1988 just nine months after the suicide of Edgar Rosenberg -- Joan's husband and Melissa's father.

"We've had a very rough two years and it's brought us very close together," Joan said at the time. "It also almost ripped us apart. When there's a suicide in the family it's terrible for survivors. But if you do live through it, you come out much closer, and I think we're really on our way to being close now because of these horrors we went through."

In 1994, the two got to tell their story in the TV movie Tears and Laughter: The Joan and Melissa Rivers Story.

"We're finally able to state our point of view," said Melissa. "I don't know if it's necessarily our version of setting the record straight but it's our version of what we went through."

NEWS: Joan Rivers Being Brought Out of Coma

On Sunday, doctors started the process of bringing Joan out of a medically induced coma. A family source told ET that Melissa is only looking at one outcome -- that Joan will eventually come out of this.

"There is only one outlook Melissa is looking at now -- She's like, 'When my mother wakes up...,' 'When my mother see this and that ...' There is only one trajectory she sees this going in the direction of, which is positive," a family source tells ET exclusively. "She refuses to acknowledge any other outcome than Joan coming out of this."