Muhammad Ali's Daughters Reveal Intimate Details About Their Dad


ET was with two of Muhammad Ali's daughters, Maryum and Hana, who shared personal stories and gave us an update on their dad's health.

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"My father has a lot of sides," said Maryum. "You hear about the fights. You don't hear about family that much and what that meant to him."

Ali's daughters play a prominent role in the documentary I Am Ali, out October 10, which is told through Ali's personal audio journals as well as interviews and testimonials from the boxing legend's inner circle of family and friends.

"My father gave me some audio tapes that he made when we were young in the seventies," said Hana. "He [recorded] us talking, going to school, playing, talking on the phone with my sister, and various things."

While Parkinson's disease may have taken away some of his sting, Ali's fight remains.

"I call my father in the mornings and that's when he's at his best," said Hana. "His voice is clearer, speaks slow but you can hear him. He has family around him and he's enjoying life."