Elvis Presley's Fiancee on Finding Him Dead


Ginger Alden was engaged to Elvis when he died. In a revealing interview with ET, she told us about their relationship.

Almost everyone knows who Priscilla Presley is, but Elvis' ex-wife wasn't his only love. Ginger Alden was engaged to Elvis when he died, and in a revealing interview with ET, she shared intimate details about their relationship, and about the day she found him dead.

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"The last thing that was said to me -- I told him not to fall asleep in the bathroom and he said, 'I won't,'" said Alden. "He turned, gave me a little wave, walked into the bathroom and I found him a little while later. It was a devastating day."

In her new book Elvis & Ginger, Alden details her relationship with Elvis through the final moments of his life. She writes that she found Elvis on the bathroom floor and that "his legs were bent, the upper part of his chest and shoulders touched the ground, and his head was slightly turned to the left with his cheek resting on the floor." She goes on to write that she "gently raised one eyelid. His eye was staring straight ahead."

By that day the couple had known each other for nine months. Alden was 20 and Elvis was 42.

While the official cause of death was listed as a heart attack, some have wondered how much drugs could have contributed. Alden grew concerned when she started noticing packets being left for Elvis. According to Alden, drugs led to mood swings, which (combined with his fondness for guns) made for a dangerous recipe.

"We were reading together and the toilet was making a noise," said Alden. "Elvis got up, left the room, came back with a machine gun and proceeded to shoot the toilet."

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